Louar Music is a revolution in music licensing offering hot new independent music at affordable prices to various media projects and offering songwriters and artists the most appealing contract around! Louar Music wasn't formed to be greedy. Louar Music was formed to spread great new music all over the media industry giving production's the newest, freshest sound and giving artists and songwriters work, money, and exposure!

If you are a media outlet looking for great independent music for your project, Louar Music is a fantastic resource of 100% pre-cleared music. Not only do we have our catalogue online to search and listen to anytime, but we also offer our research services free-of-charge. If you are looking for a particular song, or do not have time to look through the catalogue, feel free to call us up and we will do it for you at no charge to you. We want to make sure you find the perfect song for your project and give you a rate that fits your budget. Louar Music receives many songs and CDs per week and only accepts the best. Visit the MUSIC page to listen to some samples from our library.

If you are a songwriter/artist interested in submitting your material to Louar Music's Library, you can submit tracks online through Sonicbids.Com. A Link to Sonicbids is on the contact page.
If you are still wondering whether you should submit your songs, then read this list of reasons why Louar Music is the best deal in town giving songwriters the most control over their music.
  • We have a non-exclusive deal meaning you can work with and submit your music to any other companies

  • You receive 60% of the licensing fee, which is %10 more than the competition

  • You keep 100% of your copyrights

  • We DO NOT re-title your songs, we simply take a 40% cut of the synchronization fee, plain and simple, leaving all the lovely royalties to you! Enjoy!

  • Louar Music listens to every single song submitted. You will be contacted if Louar Music would like to work with your music.

  • Louar Music has some great connections in the industry including NBC, Showtime, USA, PBS, Warner Bros, and many more

  • If you have any questions, please use the contact information on the contact page to reach Louar Music.

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