Just Our Beginning...

Learning to play various instruments, joining the marching band, and getting my bachelors degree in music theory still didn't seem to point me in a music career direction. I always thought I would go on to make movies. So after graduating college, I went to work for NBC learning the ropes of television production and realized I desperately missed music. I then went to work for the legal dept of the Martha Stewart Show and learned all about music clearance and licensing and found my new career merging both music and TV/film! And Louar Music was born.

Of course the idea of a music production library is not new, but I am excited to bring a competitive edge in that Louar Music isn't making money off of royalties, meaning both publisher and writers share go to the songwriter! The library has been growing tremendously fast with a wonderful array of music from around the world.

~Jill Goldberg
Louar Music, LLC